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Keep Up with Dental Routine

In Order to Enhance Your Oral Hygiene in Austin TX, Your Dentist Provides Easy Tips to Brighten Your Smile


While going to your bi-annual dentist appointments are extremely important, since a majority of patients fail to schedule them, that’s only half of the job! Caring for your teeth while you’re at home is a necessary key to maintaining a healthy, strong smile. Many people don’t think about how they’re treating their teeth throughout their day, only when they brush in the morning and at night, but there’s much more to this process! To learn more about oral hygiene in Austin TX, your dentist is here to explain why this care matters.


Include Fluoride!
For children and adults, fluoride significantly helps strengthen your smile. Not only does it help prevent cavities from appearing, but it also strengthens your enamel in order to protect the center of your teeth, which are extremely sensitive and vulnerable. Purchase toothpaste and mouthwashes that contain fluoride in order to have the right amount needed to enhance your smile.


Watch Your Diet
Watching what you eat and drink do not only affect your overall health but your dental health, as well. These items are coming in direct contact with your teeth, so the bacteria is immediately building up around your teeth and gums. There are some foods and drinks that help improve your oral health, like crunchy fruits and vegetables (apples, carrots, celery, and pears) and substituting harmful drinks like sodas and fruit juices for water.


Flossing Matters—Seriously!
When patients don’t floss, they’re missing about a third of their dental hygiene care. When you brush your teeth, you’re only getting the surface bacteria. The spaces in between your teeth can’t be cleaned with these bristles, which is what flossing is for! Without flossing, you’re more likely to suffer from cavities, and eventually tooth decay and gum disease.



These simple steps are going to make your smile the best it can be! Contact your dentist about oral hygiene in Austin TX by calling our office at (512) 291-1666. You can also request an appointment or consultation by clicking here to pick your preferred date and time!




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