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Ending Enamel Damage

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Have you smile suffered at the hands of enamel erosion? By that, we mean has your smile suffered from decay, sensitivity or staining before? Maybe you required a root canal from your Austin TX, cosmetic dentist, too? All of these problems have their beginnings in enamel erosion- and we are here to discuss this issue with you further today.


So what is enamel? At the most basic definition, it is the outer protective layer of the teeth. Enamel is what keeps your teeth nice and white, allows you to bite thru some stiff snacks and keeps your teeth pain free. Just like a shell, the enamel protects the sensitive innards, in this case- nerves and dentin- of the teeth. And although enamel is the strongest surface found in the human body, it does not regenerate, so once it is gone- it’s gone. This leaves your teeth open to a whole slew of dental problems. Many patients tend to receive dental veneers in order to cover up any permanent stains.


What can be done to protect enamel then? The fundamentals of this answer begin with monitoring your diet and maintaining a consistent oral health regimen. Try to avoid sugary or acidic foods and drinks, and to brush and floss daily. There is a slew of other reasons why enamel can erode, as well as reasons why enamel is so important to your overall health. To find a more comprehensive list of these, head to the following site for an informational enamel damage slideshow.


For more information, or to protect and or heal your enamel, contact your Austin TX cosmetic dentist today by calling (512) 291-1666.




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