Dentist in Austin TX Provides Orthodontic Options for You!

This branch of dentistry focuses on correcting the alignment of your teeth and jaw that aren't positioned properly. There are several reasons for this treatment. Patients will have difficulty cleaning teeth that overlap and are crooked, giving them a higher chance of cavities and tooth decay.


With the help of orthodontics, patients can also relieve any muscle pain that leads to headaches, shoulder, neck and back pain, and potential TMJ syndrome.


Most patients use orthodontics to correct the way their teeth look for aesthetic purposes. People want a straighter smile so that they can feel confidence and proud to share it with the world. That's where your Austin TX dentist comes in!


There are several reasons that a patient may need orthodontics:

  • Overbite: the look of "buck teeth," where the upper front teeth protrude forward and visually stick out over the lower teeth
  • Underbite: the appearance of a "bulldog," where the lower teeth jut further outward of the upper teeth
  • Crossbite: when the upper teeth don't come down properly, in front of the lower teeth when you bite down normally
  • Open bite: when your teeth in the back bite down, but not your teeth in the front
  • Spacing: where there are gaps/spaces in between your teeth as a result of teeth that haven't grown into the proper space
  • Crowding: too many teeth in a specific space for the ridge to accommodate



There are different options that patients can choose from when it comes to orthodontic treatment. Please call our office at (512) 291-1666 to learn more about what we offer for our patients today.