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Why Choose Cosmetic Dentistry?

Questions About Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin TX Answered

Over the past few years, your top providers of cosmetic dentistry in Austin TX at Grand Oaks Dentistry have seen interest growing in the field of cosmetic dentistry as a whole.


And while many patients may seek or have already undergone a cosmetic dental procedure in their life…questions pop up about the idea behind the practice rather frequently. For that very reason, today we will be discussing some broader topics that may help you understand why you should choose cosmetic dentistry as an option for you!


To start, we must first know what cosmetic dentistry actually is:


Cosmetic dentistry deals primarily with the appearance of the teeth, compared to function. That is not to say a function is ignored or not crucial, but procedures such as teeth whitening do not make function their primary aim- compared to the look.


However, there sometimes can be some crossover…


Take placing a dental bridge for example. Not only will the appearance improve dramatically by closing that gap in the teeth, but bite and speech can improve as well.


Again, as alluded to above, your cosmetic dentist in Austin TX will not be sacrificing function of your teeth to improve the shade, shape or other cosmetic interest. As a doctor and dentist first and foremost, we are concerned with the overall health of the patient and how function plays into that. If a cosmetic procedure could potentially put the well-being of the patient in jeopardy, we will not risk it just to meet any aesthetic goals.


Why are we so diligent about practicing cosmetic dentistry then?


Simply put, Grand Oaks Dentistry believes in the power of a smile. By helping you achieve the smile you always wanted, we believe you as a whole can see personal improvements as well.


Gains of confidence and pride and battling off insecurity are just some of the ways a brilliant smile can positively develop a person. We believe there is no price tag you can put on this and we would not give up our ability to make patients feel that way for anything.


For more information on treatments available and the benefits of cosmetic dentistry from your Austin TX dentists- call our office today at (512) 291-1666.




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