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Sleep Apnea

  1. We do complimentary Sleep Apnea evaluation for every patient in our office. After Pre-Screeening, if patient seems to have Sleep Apnea, we recommend further testing, which is done at patient's home while sleeping. We provide special instrument for patient to collect sleep data at home. The instrument is then brought back to our office. Data collected from the instrument is sent to medical doctor, specializing in sleep study. If presence of Sleep Apnea is confirmed, the process of getting approval from Medical insurance get started. After patient approval, total out of pocket for patient is detemined and decision is made to get started with appliance. This whole process takes about 4 weeks, sometimes little longer. Once appliance for sleep apnea is ready, patient try it in the office and complete instructions provided for it's use and maintenance.


For more information about Sleep Apnea, please visit our dedicated website.