Special Offers

Special Offers Provided by Our Austin Dentist

We screen every patient for sleep issue for free. If sleep apnea symptoms found, patients are advised to get the sleep test done to measure the severity of sleep apnea. We provide take home kit for collecting sleep data, which is done at home while sleeping. You will bring the test kit back and data collected is sent to sleep MD doctor to confirm the existence of sleep apnea. If you agree, custom dental appliance is then made to help fix the sleep apnea issue for you to enjoy good sleep and improvement in overall health. Studies have shown dental appliance is better than CPAP when it comes to compliance and ease of using it.

Free Sleep study

Every patient we see is screened for sleep related issue at their first visit for free. Sleep immensely effects not only general health, but dental health to great extent.

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If you are exploring the teeth whitening and not sure which one is best suited for your teeth, we offer a free consultation to recommend teeth whitening most appropriate for you based on your existing dental health.

Free Cosmetic Consultation

We offer Zoom whitening, custom trays and take home whitening kits. Our doctor will need to check and evaluate for sensitivity to decide which one is more suitable for you.

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