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Dentist Office in Austin TX with On-The-Go Advice

Your dentist office in Austin TX knows it may not always be easy for you to come in for an appointment. Even though you should be trying your hardest to be seeing us at least twice a year for cleanings and exams, we understand things get in the way or lost in all the “busyness” that we encounter daily.


In today’s modern world, most people are going on all cylinders, all the time. Bouncing back and forth between work, classes, sports, getting the kids to places, appointments, errands, shopping – so on, so forth- many can spend more time in their car than at their homes it seems.


For that very patient, the on-the-go one, today we have compiled some tips to follow to make sure your oral health care is still in focus:


Diet, even on the road, is an important consideration to make.


Try avoiding candy or chips and add more fruits and veggies to your between-meal snack list. The sugars and carbs in those earlier options can lead to serious instances of tooth decay and worse if they become a pillar of your diet. The healthier options, on the other hand, can help your mouth in multiple ways.


Many fruits, such as apples, have a high water content, so can help stimulate and simulate saliva in the mouth- which is crucial. Various vegetables can contain mouth and whole-body healthy vitamins and minerals that can prevent disease and fight off bacteria. Options such as broccoli can even help scrub away at surface stains on the teeth, resulting in a natural whitening.


When it comes to living out vending machines for your beverages- avoid sodas and any sugary or acidic ones. Try purchasing a reusable water bottle and “spice” it up with some natural lemon or cucumber. Not only will you be staying hydrated without doing damage to your teeth, but you will be saving the environment too!


Lastly, those dental travel size options are never a bad idea to have on hand either. Throw a spare portable toothbrush, travel size tube of paste or some handy disposable flossers in your backpack or glove compartment to keep up with your regimen while you are on the go.


For more information on keeping your mouth healthy while you are mobile, or to schedule an appointment with your dentist office in Austin TX- call today at (512) 291- 1666.




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