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Naturally Whitening Foods

Austin Teeth Whitening Dietary Choices

It is safe to say that most patients would love to get a whiter smile if they could. Well despite your Austin teeth whitening dentists at Grand Oaks Dentistry offering some of the top solutions available to whiten your smile, there are some natural options to consider as well!


With that in mind, today we will be reviewing a few of the best foods you can add to your diet that help promote naturally whiter teeth.


  • Cheese: contains calcium, which can help the teeth and gums grow to be nice and strong. Also, due to its light pigment, it won’t stain the teeth like coffee or tea could.


  • Apples: help the mouth produce saliva, which can protect the teeth naturally, as well as way away any staining particles and bacteria that is in the mouth.


  • Strawberries: contain malic acid, which can whiten the enamel by removing surface stains. The rough texture on the skin of the berry can also help scrub the surface of the tooth as well.


  • Nuts and Seeds: similarly to the skin of the strawberry, any of these “highly textured” foods can scrub away surface stains while being chewed on.


  • Broccoli: provides the mouth with vitamins and minerals that protect the teeth, and the floret can also scrub away surface stains on the teeth.


  • Carrots: contain a high water content that helps produce saliva, which can help wash away staining agents and bacteria. Also, they have vitamins and minerals that help eliminate these same harmful bacteria.


For more information on the foods you can add to your diet to help brighten your smile, contact your #1 Austin teeth whitening dentist today at (512) 291-1666 or Click Here to schedule an appointment.





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