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Choose Your Brush Wisely

Your Cosmetic Dentistry Provider in Austin TX on Brush Choice

While your top provider of cosmetic dentistry in Austin TX has a variety of tools to help treat your teeth in office, you have one of the most powerful tools in oral health available at home: your toothbrush. If used twice a day and with proper technique, your toothbrush can help save your mouth from a world of dental woes.


But what type of brush is best for you? For your benefit, today we will be comparing and contrasting electric and manual brushes to see what may work best for your regimen.


Manual Toothbrush-




  •  Available in a great variety of colors, sizes and from various companies.
  •  Low price tag.
  •  Very portable and easy to replace.


  •  Requires the right amount of effort and technique!


Electric Toothbrush-



  •  Less effort needed. Heads rotate at perfect speed/motion for an efficient cleaning.
  •   Built-in two-minute timers. Beep or plays a tune when you can stop brushing.


  • More expensive to buy or replace.
  • Less “customizable."
  • Less convenient to travel with. Require charger/batteries/base station, etc.


Through all of the above characteristics, we see that a majority of the choice comes down to the user’s habits. If you brush twice a day, for at least two minutes per session utilizing a proper technique, you can definitely choose a manual toothbrush. Otherwise, besides asking your top provider of cosmetic dentistry in Austin TX for a demonstration on technique, maybe the electric is a better option. Apply the paste, turn it on, put it in place and you are left with a healthier cleaning overall.


For more information on choosing a toothbrush or to schedule an appointment at our Austin TX family and cosmetic dentist office, call (512) 291-1666 today!




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