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Avoid these Foods & Drinks!

Kyle Dentist Wishes to Protect Patients Teeth from these Harmful Items


After brushing your teeth in the morning, many patients usually don’t think about what they’re eating and drinking throughout the day and how it affects their dental health. As long as they brush in the morning and at night, they believe their oral health should be in top shape, but that’s not the case. Your brushing routine is only half of the job when it comes to taking care of your teeth—the other half is making sure that you’re not destroying your smile from the foods and drinks you consume. Your Kyle dentist provides a list of foods and drinks that should be avoided in large quantities in order to protect your smile.


Processed Carbs
Carbohydrates like white bread and crackers may seem beneficial to your diet, in theory, but they’re extremely harmful. When eating these foods, they’re being broken down into sugars in your mouth. These foods are also likely to stick around in your mouth for long periods of time because of the soft texture they have when they’re broken down. These sugars are broken down into acids and begin immediately attacking your teeth!


Dried Fruit
Although it can be delicious and a better alternative to other snacks, dried fruits are pretty harmful. The fruits have been sucked of all of the natural water they contained and processed with sugar, leaving it sticky and likely to get stuck to your teeth. Avoid snacking on these throughout the day because tooth decay can quickly occur before you know it.


Though it’s certainly not a food or drink, many people are likely to chomp and crunch on the ice after they’ve finished their beverage. Combined with its structure and intense cold temperature, ice is very harmful to your teeth. You can cause sharp pains to the nerves in your teeth because of the temperature or you could chip, crack or break any of your teeth if you continuously crunch.


Sports/Energy Drinks
There’s an alarming amount of sugar in these drinks, more than there is in a normal soda. Along with sugars, there’s citrus acidity on top of it all, working quickly and efficiently on eroding your teeth. Many of these flavors are fruit-types, which are popular, but do the most damage.


There are other food and drinks items that should be avoided in order to keep your teeth from serious dental damage. To learn more, contact your Kyle dentist by calling our office at (512) 291-1666 or clicking here to request an appointment online.





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