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Your Smile Matters

Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin TX Encourages Patients to Improve Diet to Protect their Teeth


In order to protect your smile, there is more to do than just brushing. There are many obstacles that are fighting against your teeth that they come in contact with on a daily basis. It’s up to the patients themselves if they’re willing to take the extra step in order to save their smile. Your cosmetic dentistry in Austin TX wants patients to know that there are other threats that put your teeth are at risk for serious health issues.


During your appointment, your dentist may ask you about your diet and if you partake in any bad habits like smoking cigarettes and excessive alcohol intake. Having a poor diet can harm your teeth more than you may know; since your teeth are being used every day to properly break down foods and drinks, they’re also being attacked by bacteria because of it. They can also cause serious stains, harming any work done to your smile, like dental veneers. Changing up your diet can not only benefit your overall health but your oral health, too!


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