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Treating Xerostomia

Your Austin TX Dentist Wants Patients to Know the Dangers of Dry Mouth


Everyone is familiar with experiencing dry mouth once in a while, usually when you wake up in the morning or after drinking a beverage that contains caffeine. Other causes of dry mouth include certain medications and health treatments, all which should be addressed. While dry mouth is a common experience, it can also be a serious medical condition that fights against your dental health if it’s not properly taken care of. Learn more below from your Austin TX dentist about treating dry mouth.


Xerostomia, the medical term for dry mouth, is when there’s not enough saliva to keep your mouth wet. The reason to keep your mouth wet is to protect your teeth and gums from tooth decay. While it sounds drastic, the moisture in your mouth is more important than you may think!


If you’re experiencing dry mouth and not addressing it with your dentist, then here are some minor to major symptoms:

· Uncomfortable feeling in your mouth, mostly on your tongue and throat

· Minimal amount of saliva

· Bad breath

· Difficulty eating due to dry throat

· Change of taste when eating

· Higher risk of cavities

· Higher risk of tooth decay

· Higher risk of gum disease


There are several reasons why dry mouth could occur. Some medications have the side effect of dry mouth, which can vary in severity. Medical treatments like chemotherapy can change the nature of your saliva and how much is produced. One of the most popular reasons that people experience dry mouth is from tobacco use, like smoking cigarettes. The tobacco hinders your salivary glands from correctly working and infects other parts of your oral health, as well.


If you’re constantly experiencing dry mouth, then please contact your Austin TX dentist to have this treated by calling our office at (512) 291-1666 or by clicking here to request an appointment or consultation.




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