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The Toothpaste Guide!

Kyle, TX Dentist Shares His Guide on Toothpastes

Between radio commercials, billboards, TV ads, magazine spreads, and grocery store marketing, the average consumer views close to 600 marketing messages a day! All of these brands want to do one simple thing: separate you from your money. Granted, there are some purchases that need to be made, and we hope you agree that toothpaste is one of them. But how can you be sure to pick out the right toothpaste? Good news, your Kyle, TX dentist Dr. Sharma is here to shed some light.


With so many brands, flavors, tubes, colors, and promises, it’s very difficult to pick out the particular tube you need. To simplify your decision-making, Dr. Sharma split the toothpaste types into sections. Before we begin, however, make sure you whichever toothpaste you select follows these main rules:


  • Make sure it’s ADA approved. Any tube carrying the American Dental Association’s seal of approval means it’s considered safe and effective by an independent board of scientific experts.
  • Select what’s right for you and your family. Go for the tube focused on oral health care, it may not be the one that’s cheapest or the one that’s flashiest looking.
  • Beware of imposters. In 2007, some toothpaste imported from China contained a toxic substance! The FDA advises to steer clear of purchasing toothpaste made in China.
  • Without any further ado, your Kyle dentist has laid out the common types of toothpaste and his thoughts on each.


Children’s toothpaste.

Since children may not be thrilled to taste mint or baking soda flavored toothpaste this early in life, our team at Grand Oaks Dentistry in Kyle, Texas suggests opting for fruitier flavors that are more likely to appeal to your young ones.

How’s it different than the standard toothpaste?

While it is effective, children’s toothpaste contains less fluoride than your average tube. Fluoride can stain teeth that are still developing in children.


Target audience?



Baking soda toothpaste.

As you can probably imagine, baking soda toothpaste is made with… baking soda!


How else is it different?


Besides the taste, which is different than the typical mint taste you get with the majority of toothpaste, baking soda based toothpaste are great for cleaning surface stains. Baking soda toothpaste counteracts acid from bacteria, acids from the most common foods, and acids from beverages!


Target audience?


Baking soda toothpaste is great for consumers who want to use the least amount of unwanted chemicals. Obviously, check the ingredients for the particular brand you are thinking of purchasing as they are all different. This type of toothpaste is also great for Kyle, Texas dental patients who would like to soothe their gums. Baking soda toothpaste is known to be less abrasive than its counterparts.


Sensitive teeth toothpaste.

If you have sensitive teeth, you want to watch the ingredients in your toothpaste. Sodium lauryl is best to avoid, especially if you suffer from frequent canker sores. However, ingredients such as potassium nitrate and strontium chloride are great for treating sensitive teeth and gums. They’ve even been deemed effective from the American Dental Association!


What makes it different?


Sensitive toothpaste is meant to enforce a barrier between you and your tooth’s nerves. If done effectively, it ultimately reduces the ability for your nerves to transmit pain. These low abrasion toothpaste (view the entire abrasiveness index here) can show improvements in levels of sensitivity after consistent use over the course of a month.


Target audience?


Anyone that suffers tooth sensitivity from cold or hot temperatures. If you are in the market for this type of toothpaste, however, we strongly urge you to give us a call and make an appointment. Tooth sensitivity can be triggered for many different reasons and toothpaste on its own won’t be able to solve most of them. To make an appointment with your Kyle, TX dentist, call Dr. Sharma today at 512-291-1666.


Whitening toothpaste.

The topic most of you are here for. Is it worth it? Does it work? These answers, unfortunately, vary from patient to patient.


What makes it different?


Besides being very high on the abrasiveness index, most whitening toothpaste contain hydrogen peroxide or calcium peroxide. Sorry to say, these don’t have the effects that most people think (or hope) they do. Instead of whitening discolored teeth, they simply polish teeth, making your teeth appear whiter without actually doing so. What this toothpaste does well is remove surface stains from consumables like coffee, cigarettes, and red wine.


Target audience?


Dr. Sharma and his team at Grand Oaks Dentistry in Kyle, Texas recommend this toothpaste only to those who wish to remove surface stains. If you really want to whiten your teeth, there are treatment procedures available.


Tartar control toothpaste.

Tartar control toothpaste contains fluoride and other ingredients (triclosan, pyrophosphates, zinc citrate) combined to fight the buildup of tartar.


What makes it different?


Tartar is the buildup of plaque that wasn’t removed successfully previously. It hardens into tight deposits that are difficult to remove by normal brushing methods. These deposits can lead to gum disease and other serious complications. This toothpaste is meant to prevent such buildups.


Target audience?


Some patients are more susceptible to tartar and plaque. This toothpaste is meant for them to help fight off the bacteria as well as those who just want to be protected.


Pick the one that’s right for you!

Every patient is different. To ensure your oral health is being properly taken care of, make an appointment with your Kyle dentist Dr. Sharma today to schedule your routine dental cleaning. Call her excellent team at Grand Oaks Dentistry at 512-291-1666 or make an appointment online by clicking here. Happy brushing!




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