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Taking Care of Your Brush

Austin TX Dentist on Brush Maintenance

The battle against tooth decay and disease starts at home. And on the frontlines, every patient should have a toothbrush capable of supplying an amazing cleaning for their mouth. While this seems easy, in theory, the fact is that your brush squares off against serious bacteria daily and is in constant threat of it re-populating. In order to keep the brush sterile and in top shape between your twice daily brushing, your Austin TX dentist is here with some toothbrush maintenance tips today.


Before the brush even starts to clean the teeth, ensuring it does not have any lingering bacteria from last usage is extremely important. Simply wash the bristles off with hot water while swiping a finger through the head in order to break up any extra particles. Following this exact step after brushing and before storage may also be helpful.


The aforementioned storage is also an important step in maintaining brush health. Make sure your brush is stored upright with the head being well ventilated. Do not let any other surfaces or heads of other people's brushes make contact with your own, to avoid cross contamination. If your toothbrush holder has a closed-in bottom, make sure to clean it frequently as well. This low point of a holder is a common place that leftover bacteria can drip to, forming a “gunk” that can eventually make its way back up the brush.


A last, crucial step in brush maintenance relates to starting over. Every 3 to 4 months you should be throwing your toothbrush out and starting over with a new one. After this length of time, your brush will have seen enough “wear and tear” from your twice daily brushings that it is less effective than it used to be. The possibility of bacteria gaining an advantage on these weakened bristles is also more likely, so a replacement should be sought after ASAP.


By taking care of your brush, and then taking care of your teeth with said brush, you can maintain an amazing smile for years to come.


For more questions about brush health or to schedule an appointment with your Austin TX dentist for a routine dental cleaning, please call our office today at (512) 291-1666.




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