Battling Sweets | Austin TX General Dentist
Don't Let Your Sweet Tooth Win!

Austin TX General Dentist Shows how to Protect Your Teeth from Sugar Cravings


Having a sweet tooth can be enjoyable, but it can also be extremely dangerous to your teeth. Treats, chocolates, desserts, and candies are tasty and delicious, usually accompanied after a dinner, and can satisfy your craving. But your Austin TX general dentist wants all patients, young and old, to know why it’s important to curb your sweet tooth so you can protect your smile no matter what!


Even if you’re not consuming a lot of sweets and desserts, your diet could still be full of sugary foods and drinks that you enjoy on a daily basis. We want to help you fight your sugar intake, so we’ll be discussing some tips that can help your teeth and your overall health, as well.


Check the Labels
If you’re trying to protect your teeth from the craving of sugar, it’s important to check as many labels as you can. Although it may seem tedious, your health will thank you! There are constantly products that add unnecessary sugar (like bread and condiments), so notice the everyday food items that you consume on a daily basis.


Don’t be Tempted
Sweets are always tempting, no matter what age you are! It’s harder for some more than others, but most people have a difficult time ignoring harmful treats since they’re easily accessible. This goes for bags of chips, small candies, and other equally easy snacks. If you’re one to eat in between meals, try to bring in your own healthy snacks like assorted fruits and vegetables.


Cut it Out – Completely!
Some of the best advice that people can follow who enjoy too much sugar is to cut it out of your diet completely. Sugary foods and drinks, whether they’re specified as candy or not, can be difficult to limit, so it may be easier to remove it altogether. Sugar can be extremely addicting, so elimination can be the key.


Your teeth can also be in danger, even if they're covered with dental veneers. Although they last a long time, they don't last forever, so it's important to keep up proper maintenance!


Taming your sweet tooth can be tough, but your Austin TX general dentist knows that you can do it for the sake of your smile! To continue keeping your teeth healthy and strong, schedule an appointment with our office today by calling (512) 291-1666.