Experience the difference of Private Dental office in Austin!

Embark on a journey to a healthier, happier smile with Grand Oaks Dentistry, a private dental office and premier dental haven serving South Austin, Texas 78745, 78748 and surrounding areas. Since 2014, Dr. Sharma has been meticulously crafting smiles and transforming dental experiences for patients of every age.
First Visit:
At Grand Oaks Dentistry, your Dental journey begins with a one-on-one consultation with our experienced dentist, not a Hygienist as you would experience in corporate dentistry world. This personal approach guarantees a thourough and precise assessment of your health.
Emergency Visit: 
Dental emergency visits are handled same day, with 3 skilled dentist in our office, they will take care of your urgent issue quickly at no extra cost. However you might have to wait for doctors to finish the ongoing treatment with other patients.
We employ the latest technology, including very low-radiation Digital X-rays, Intraoral Cameras and Digital Scanners for precise treatment planning. Our Adec dental chairs provide utmost comfort during your visit, making your dental experience a relaxing one.
Your safety is paramount to us. We employ stringent sterilization protocols, subjecting our sterilization equipments to biweekly Independent third-party monitoring to ensure compliance with the highest safety standards.
Same Day Emergencies, Fillings, Crowns, Teeth Cleaning, Implants, Implant supported Dentures, Same day Dentures, Wisdom Teeth Extraction, Bridges, Veneers, Sleep Apnea Treatment
Online Appointments, Live 24/7:
Scheduling your first appointment is just a few click away. Once scheduled, you are all set. Click here "Schedule Appointment" to book your appointment and securely complete the necessary forms online.
Delve into our website to discover more about Dr. Sharma and FAQs tab to learn more about most commonly asked questions about dentistry. We are confident that you'll find us a trusted partner for your all types of dental care. Our focus is on you and your dental well-being, ensuring that your time outside our office is filled with radiant smiles and good health.
  • Alexxe
    Dr. Sharma isn't just a dentist, she's a wellness professional. My first visit was when she spent time getting to know me and some of my life stories. As we engaged, she noticed the movement of my jaw and the deep black circles beneath my eyes. She prompted me to get a sleep study (and made sure I continued to wear my night guard).
    After my sleep study, I discovered that I had sleep apnea which caused me to have interrupted sleep, a lot. I moved forward with a CPAP. There's a MAJOR difference in my sleep AND my waking hours.
    I really enjoy Dr. Sharma and her staff who are always welcoming, friendly and fun to talk to as well as accommodating.
  • Mandi R
    The women at Grand Oaks are amazing. They are ALWAYS on time; I don't think I've ever had to wait past my appointment time to get started. They are courteous, COVID safe, and listen to my concerns when I have some.
  • Robyn P.
    "I was seen right away & they were very friendly. I’m not a fan of going to the dentist & they took that under consideration & took their time & were very gentle."