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Timing is Everything

Austin TX General Dentist on The Right Time for your Regimen

Like a majority of things that we encounter in life, timing is everything- even in dentistry. The number of times you visit you Austin TX general dentist a year…how many times you brush your teeth daily and for how long and many more issues are related to timing.


The way that the ADA (American Dental Association) came to the suggested amount of times you should commit to these behaviors (often 2x for each of the above) is by compiling years of research that is analyzed and practice by dental professionals. How do they know you, as a patient, will stick to it, though? They basically assume that because all humans are born with some sort of internal clock (whether that clock is right twice a day or not, is up for debate) and thus have a knowledge of what it means to give time to important issues.


As far as making time for oral health regimens like flossing- your Austin TX general dentist hopes that you are putting enough time aside to do it at least once a day. When it comes to flossing, there is another time sensitive and related issue that arises often, though: do I floss before or after brushing?


To tackle this flossing issue head on, many experts weighed in on the behavioral science behind choosing to floss before or after. That article and subsequent media can be found here: Dental Patient News.


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