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Stop Your Gums from Suffering

Kyle Dentist Wants to Stop Bleeding Gums with These Helpful Tips


It can certainly be worrisome when you’re brushing your teeth and you notice some blood in the sink. Every patient reacts differently, but their first thought is usually, “What do I do about this?” Experiencing bleeding when you’re brushing your teeth is scary, but there are several ways to go about treating this issue. Below, your Kyle dentist lists reasons to stop your gums from bleeding.


Improve Oral Hygiene
While this may sound obvious, poor oral hygiene is easier to achieve than one may think. Simply brushing and flossing regularly removes all of the excess bacteria that’s been lingering created from the foods and drinks you consume. If you don’t properly take care of your teeth on a daily basis (brushing and flossing twice a day), you’re at a much higher risk for bleeding gums.


Quit Smoking
It’s no secret that smoking cigarettes are harmful to your oral health, as well as your overall health. As soon as your start smoking cigarettes, your mouth is immediately and directly affected and is the one that suffers quicker than the rest. The tobacco seeps into your gums and your bloodstream, making them weaker and more prone to bleeding. It irritates them, stops them from getting the nutrition that’s necessary, and can cause further problems with your overall health, too.


Don’t Share Oral Health Products
Sharing your toothbrush with anyone, even if it’s a family member or a trusted loved one, can cause a lot of oral issues. Everybody has their own bacteria that’s safe in their mouth, but when you mix your bacteria with someone else’s, you and that other person are highly prone to getting sick. Gum diseases are contagious and are held in the bacteria, so use your toothbrush and only yours!


Make an appointment with your Kyle dentist if your gums are bleeding so you can get an extensive, professional cleaning, along with advice on how to improve your oral health. Contact our office by calling (512) 291-1666 or clicking here to book an appointment online!





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