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Stain Relief for Teeth

Austin TX Cosmetic Dentist on Relieving Stains

While “chromogens” and “tannins” can seem like terms you may have skipped over in your chemistry textbook- they are actually something you deal with every day. They are each, respectively, compounds that cling to the teeth and make things stick easier to the teeth- resulting in your teeth getting stained. And if there is one thing your Austin TX cosmetic dentist knows- it is that no one wants a yellow or stained smile.


Of course, the best way to find some relief to potential teeth staining is to visit your Austin TX cosmetic dentist regularly, eat healthily and to brush twice and floss once daily. Unfortunately, that can sometimes not be enough, though.


Just as the rest of our bodies, as we grow older- our teeth can become very different too. They may react differently to certain staining liquids or forces, require certain care or become more sensitive to the above “tannins” and acids that we take in on a daily basis.


To give your teeth the best fighting chance against stains- review some information on what you can do about eating, drinking and behaving certain ways by clicking here.


For more information on stain fighting, or to schedule an appointment with your Austin TX cosmetic dentist for a teeth whitening appointment- call our office today at (512) 291-1666.





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