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Saliva Saves

Dentist Office in Austin TX on Super Salivation

As the top dentist office in Austin TX, we often treat patients who suffer from a variety of dental related issues. One of the most common, yet overlooked causes of damage can be related to your saliva production. Besides helping you speak and digest, saliva plays an essential role in your mouth’s health. Today we will be reviewing the power of saliva in your everyday life.


While saliva productions will peak at certain times during the day, one of the most important periods it protects the mouth is during sleep. Often when we wake with a case of “morning breath,” the bad odor is caused by an extreme dryness in the mouth. Sleeping with the mouth open or being generally dehydrated can lead to this, but saliva can help.


Sleeping with the mouth open, of course, dries the mouth out faster than usual, and can actually inhibit saliva productions. Without saliva actively flowing, it does not get to act as our mouth’s natural mouthwash, as it should. Saliva can get between the teeth and wash away lingering food and beverage particles we could not reach while brushing or flossing. With these particles left intact, odor, then potentially decay and disease can result. Saliva also helps in protecting the lining of the mouth from toxins, keeping them from immediately entering the blood stream and causing damage.


What about suffering from chronic dry mouth? While behavior modification and certain appliances may be able to help you breathe through your nose during sleep, there are ways to boost saliva production if you need some help during the day time. Try adding some lemon juice to your water to increase production, or chew sugarless gum containing ingredients like Xylitol. Also, make sure to take in plenty of water during the day, as water both can stimulate saliva production and simulate its benefits as well.


Don’t let dry mouth get you down. Keep your saliva production level high to protect your mouth all the time!


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