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Reasons to Teeth Whiten

Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin TX with Whitening Special Offers

Looking for the best means of reclaiming your bright white smile? Lucky for you, your top providers of cosmetic dentistry in Austin TX at Grand Oaks Dentistry have a special offer on teeth whitening available right now! Simply click that link to find out how a simple referral for a friend can get your teeth shining like never before!


But why choose teeth whitening from Grand Oaks? Isn’t there a wide range of whitening toothpaste and mouthwash, gels and strips I can get in the local pharmacy?


Simply put- because our in-office and at-home whitening treatments get you the highest amount of whitening available today.


Our Austin TX cosmetic dentists utilize medically approved high-concentration peroxide to positively change the shade of your teeth, sometimes by several shades, all in one session!


And if you don’t feel like spending time in the office for your treatment, worry not. Our take-home kits come with a higher level of whitening agents (compared to in-store brands) and specially fitted trays that work just for you! Simply wear the trays and solution for a few hours or overnight for a few days or weeks to see the brilliant change!


Reverse the damage that time or dietary sugars and acids may have caused with these amazing teeth whitening options!


For more information on what your top providers of cosmetic dentistry in Austin TX can do for your smile- call our office today at (512) 291-1666.




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