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History of Smiles with Implants

Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin TX Goes Back in Time to See How Implants Came to Be


Dental implants have created hundreds upon thousands of brand new smiles for patients that they’re happy to share with the world. With this procedure, people get a second chance at the smile that they previously lost. This is one of the most advanced solutions for patients who are missing one or several teeth with an incredibly high success rate. Below, your cosmetic dentistry in Austin TX will talk about the history of dental implants and how we’ve gotten to be here!


It’s incredible to think of how long we’ve been using dentistry to improve our smile. Throughout history, the aesthetic of a full and healthy smile has been an important goal to achieve, for both the way it looks and for the ability to properly eat and chew food. Let’s take a look through time to see how dental implants have evolved.


Going back the furthest, about 4000 years ago, it was noted that people in ancient China would carve bamboo pegs and used them to replace missing teeth. 3000 years ago, an Egyptian king had a copper peg hammered into his upper jaw bone to replace a missing tooth. This could have been completed after they had already passed, but this is the first recorded instance where a piece of metal was used to replace a missing tooth and also being fixed into the jaw bone (although not very safely!).


Around 2000 years ago, people began using animal teeth as a means of an implant. This is now noted as a heteroplastic implant, whereas an implant from another human is classified as a homoplastic implant. Unfortunately, these implants were usually rejected by the host and commonly caused infections in the mouth.


Fast forwarding to the eighteenth and nineteenth century, professionals began to experiment with gold and alloys, eventually leading to the use of porcelain and titanium. Today, we’re able to create implants that have the ability to last for years and years for patients!


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