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Evolution of Cosmetic Dentistry

Historical Changes to Cosmetic Dentistry in Austin TX

The history of dentistry is so vast and contains so many advancements it can be hard to keep track of it all sometimes. For instance, did you know dentures used to be made of ivory? And that gold fillings were utilized in cultures dating as far back as 700 B.C.?


It just goes to show what a long way, especially in the field of cosmetic dentistry, we have come. To further demonstrate how far our discipline has developed in even the more recent years, today your top providers of cosmetic dentistry in Austin TX will be looking at two of the evolutions from ivory dentures and gold fillings as they relate to tooth loss and cavities.


Tooth decay may be as old as the existence of teeth themselves, but how we have come to treat them has changed quite a bit. Whenever treating a cavity, the decayed portion of the tooth must be removed first. Following this, the void is filled with a substance to reform some structure and to protect the rest of the tooth. In a direct evolution from gold fillings being place in ancient pyramids, we have come to composite resin fillings. This tooth-colored substance allows for less of the tooth structure to be removed, and can also be placed in more highly-visible teeth, like your front ones. Although gold is (and has been) usually a status symbol for wealth, it never really looked that good at the front of your mouth.


Another issue that has plagued any tooth bearing animal since the beginning of time is that teeth, over time or by means of trauma, fall out. Where ivory dentures could have been used to save the smile of those like George Washington in the past, new advancements such as dental implants are making waves today. It works by placing a titanium root implant at the spot of tooth loss, letting it acclimate and grow into the surrounding bone and tissue, and then topping the implant with a natural looking crown tooth. Although it can take some time to be successful (6 months to a year for most placements), implants offer patients the most natural feeling and looking solution to tooth loss ever seen before.


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