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Easy Tips for Toddler Dental Care

Your Dentist Office in Austin TX Provides Advice for Parents and Their Children’s Teeth


Dental care should always be taken seriously since it is just as important as your overall health. Unfortunately, there are many patients who don’t make it to the dentist in time to protect their teeth and this includes children. But your dentist office in Austin TX wants to provide some helpful tips that will work to protect your children’s teeth so they can have a great, bright smile!


Baby Bottle Decay can be Serious
While it may not have an officially name, parents are strongly advised to not leave their child alone with a baby bottle for too long, especially if they’re laying down for a nap. If their baby bottle contains juice, milk, or some kind of formula, the sugars from the drink can easily cause decay on their growing teeth and gums. We highly suggest putting water in their baby bottles if they need to lay down with a bottle.


Cut Back on the Juice
No matter what kind of juice it is, too much juice is bad for your teeth at every age. Don’t allow juice to be an all-day drink for your toddler since it can also lead to decay. Limit them to a smaller amount of juice drinks and substitute the rest of their drinks with water.


Check out some other easy-to-remember tips for parents to use when taking care of their child’s teeth. And don’t forget that no matter what age you are, keeping up with your bi-annual check-ups with your dentist office in Austin TX is necessary! Contact our practice to schedule an appointment by calling today at (512) 291-1666.




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