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Avoid Dental Myths & Save Teeth

Your Dentist Office in Austin TX Wants Dental Myths to be Gone!


It’s no surprise that there are countless dental myths out there that can worry people into avoiding their dentist check-up appointments. If they’re worried about a certain dental issue they’re experiencing, then they would rather not go to the dentist to hear the potential bad news. With this being the case, these dental myths are supposed to help patients continuously avoid going to the dentist, but may cause the inevitable and force them to go. Your dentist office in Austin TX, Grand Oaks Dentistry, is here to debunk these myths to protect your teeth at all costs!


Bad Breath? You Must Not be Brushing!
While this is one of the popular reasons that people have bad breath, it isn’t the only reason. Bad breath comes from multiple different situations; you may have eaten something with a particularly strong scent and it hasn’t properly digested in your stomach, so it’s still present; if you’re sick with the flu, this can also cause bad breath; if you’re a constant smoker, then the smell of cigarettes lingers not only on your tongue, but your clothes, lips, fingers, and gums, too. Brushing your teeth will certainly help minimize these issues, but there could be further oral health problems that you may be unaware of that only your dentist can point out before it’s too late.


Toothache? Put Crushed Aspirin on It!
Out of all of the terrible ideas to solve a toothache, this may be one of the worst! If you put a crushed aspirin directly on a tooth, you’re damaging your enamel and the nerves that could reach the root. Aspirin was made to be swallowed because your stomach is able to properly break down the chemicals and spread them through the bloodstream, where it’ll find the source of pain and alleviate it. The chemicals in aspirin, if crushed and placed in your mouth, can cause terrible sores on your lips and the inside of your cheeks because they aren’t made to handle that kind of reaction.


Bleeding Gums? Stop Brushing Immediately!
If your gums are bleeding while you brush your teeth, then your teeth are trying to tell you something! The reason for bleeding gums is because there may be food particles or bacteria that’s stuck somewhere in your mouth that’s causing damage, causing your gums to react to the harm. If your gums are bleeding, then that means you’re trying to extract whatever is causing this. The bleeding should stop over the next few brushes if done correctly, but if not then you should make an appointment with your dentist for an intense cleaning.


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